Cos' fifth anniversary - Ladies' white shirt edition

03 Feb. 2012


Cos, the brand known for it's minimalism and innovation, now fetes its fifth jubilee. Since the brand's first opening at London's Regent Street, it is now looking back at its path to success. To mark the occasion, Cos has relaunched five shirts from mens- and womenswear.

Martin Andersson, head of menswear design, said, “These shirts represent the best of Cos’ design since the start of the brand. They are classic but still unconventional.” Karin Gustafsson, head of womenswear design, added, “The white shirt matches the ethos of Cos. As a classic, it may be refreshed without losing its practical style and modern look.”

2012 will be an interesting year for Cos as the brand now has an online presence in 18 countries. Customers can shop the entire collection online and still expect the same service, quality and prices as they would at the 46 existing stores. This summer the first non-European store will open its doors in Hong Kong.

The limited white shirt edition will be available starting in April 2012 on at all Cos stores and online.

Cos' fifth anniversary - Men's white shirt edition
Cos' fifth anniversary - Men's white shirt edition

Mona Schmadl


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