23 Jul. 2010


Y-3 has unveiled its F/W 2010 campaign, featuring soccer great Zinedine Zidane once again alongside a group of models. Stirring black and white photography creates a dramatic and poetic story to project movement and fashion. In addition, Y-3 produced a short mood film to be released in three instalments globally. With snippets of cityscapes revealed as cropped or blown-up images, the campaign fuels both a sense of entrapment and desire. Overall, Y-3 leaves the optimism of FIFA 2010 World Cup of S/S 2010 for a slightly darker, more haunting and restrained sensibility, speaking to the confinements of everyday life. "Recently the trend has been for tighter and shorter and sexier clothes, I wanted to wrap the body again, and not show too much," said designer Yohji Yamamoto. The campaign was styled by Nicola Formichetti and shot by Alasdair McLellan.

Tim Yap

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