Swarovski Elements
Swarovski Elements

13 Feb. 2012


Milano Unica, on from February 7-9, 2012, closed its doors with a register of 18,000 visitors. Despite the show’s 10% decrease in attendance compared with February 2011, the number of international fashion insiders grew 7%. There were much higher numbers coming in from France (+35%), the UK (+30%), China (+73%), Hong Kong (+109%) and Russia (+28%). German and US attendance was also positive. On the other hand, the highest loss in terms of Italian visitors came from Southern and Central Italy where abundant snowfalls blocked trains and traffic.

The new president Silvio Albini was satisfied with the results. “The heightened presence of European visitors indicates that we have to shift our focus to those markets that are now driving the recovery. Furthermore, the attendance of European and US buyers indicates that we also have to keep our attention on the more traditional markets that, in terms of volume, still account for 50% of our overall turnover."

The show hosted 440 companies of which 76 were from foreign countries, approximately as many as in last year’s edition. The participants presented fabric and accessories previews for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. The results registered by the Italian textile industry showed a +10.2% increase in 2011, totaling €8.4 billion in sales. Export registered +7.3% and import increased by 12.8% with a commercial growth of €2.4 billion. Extra-European areas accounted for 48.5% of Italy's export with China and Hong Kong as a second major export market after Germany.

At the show opening it was announced that first Chinese edition of Milano Unica would take place in Beijing from March 28-30, 2012, in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt within the Intertextile Beijing trade show. 95 Italian companies will be part of the event, which is expected to repeat in Shanghai in October 2012.

A limited number of specialized companies participated in the show within the textile, sportswear and denim-related markets. Among them there were Schoeller, which launched a newly developed fabric called Corkshell as part of a two or three-layer fabric construction made from a by-product obtained during the production of wine corks. The lightweight and highly functional fabric bonded with the breathable and anti-bacterial material, gaining +30% in insulating properties. Tavex presented a wider offer of its Denim Therapy related fabrics such as Quila, which is enhanced with heat insulation and anti-UV protective properties obtained from bamboo fiber as well as Sense, denim with cell regenerating, energizing and nourishing properties obtained from aloe. Alcantara focused on fabrics with perforations in various sizes with different motifs and wefts, open to different degrees that provide ventilation during hot summer months.

Reca Group
Reca Group
Accessories will play a leading role for seasons to come, according to Nicola Di Piazza, sales manager at Cadica Group. "In a time when sales are slowing down, adding special plusses such as small elements or even gadgets that can help clarify brand identity is key. Cadica Group is offering a series of accessories such as eco-friendly tags made from recycled materials. Reca, another specialized label manufacturer, is betting on a wider offer of labels made with a host of different materials including colored rubber and metallic layers.

Swarovski Elements is offering an always wider variety of crystal components for Spring/Summer 2013, including a new series of flat rivets and nail buttons topped off by colored crystals, a duffle coat crystal button, a crystal mesh ball to be used either as a pearl, button or pendant, and new crystal cut variants. Among the newest colors on offer from the Austrian specialized crystal manufacturer is a new rose peach hue as well as a fern green and a peacock blue.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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