Bazar Royal, Leipzig, Germany
Bazar Royal, Leipzig, Germany
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02 May. 2012


Torsten Mansfeld runs Bazar Royal, Leipzig's shopping adress for selected fashion brands and a unique atmosphere. Mansfeld and his team do not just sell garments and looks to the customers, but rather provide them with advice since the shop owner believes in a culture of consultancy and would not say something looks good if it doesn’t. Interview by Maria Hunstig.

What are your current bestsellers and why?
The handcrafted footwear labels Shoto and Moma sell really well for both women and men, as does denim by PRPS. Jeans-wise, Gilded Age and Denham is big with men, Belstaff sells well with both genders. Moreover, male customers love Hartford, the belt label Dukes plus shirts and blazers by Circle of Gentlemen. The ladies go for collections by Rich & Royal, Nolita and Traffic People and denim by Met Jeans and RaRe. Best-selling bags and accessories come from FredsBruder, Campomaggi and Noosa.
Regarding denim, men prefer washes that range from dark to bright and are not overly destroyed. A slight used look is popular with grey always selling really well. In the summer, rinse and raw finishes are a bit difficult.
For women, it's the perfect fits that matter and there is a great demand for summer colors currently.

Do your customers shop for single items or complete looks?
That depends. Some come to shop an entire look while others are looking for a specific piece. But it happens very seldomly that people leave the shop with just one garment in their shopping bag...

Where do you buy your assortment?
We are regular visitors of the Berlin fairs such as Premium and Bread&Butter, but we also travel a lot and benefit from our excellent agency network. 

"We bet on authentic brands because we know that is what our customers like."
"We bet on authentic brands because we know that is what our customers like."
What is the most important fashion piece for summer 2012 and what can we expect for winter 2012-13?
We're seeing a lot of men's chinos - colored and cropped - this summer. Women's eye-candy includes a lot of dresses, short leather jackets in earthy colors and ballerina shoes. Winter will see everybody in thick parkas by Woolrich and Parajumpers and short wool sack coats and booties by Shote, Moma or RedWing. 

Have you added any new labels to your assortment?
This year we've already added or will add: Barena Venezia, Barbour Heritage, Barbour Beacon Heritage, Barbour Steve McQueen, Woolrich, Arrow’s, Gilded Age, Campomaggi and FredsBruder. 

What is your most exciting label?
We're really passionate about Belstaff; there's no other multi-brand store that offers such a wide range of this brand. We don’t only carry jackets and shoes, but also bags, accessories, belts, scarves and shirts and we eagerly look forward to the brand’s repositioning and its new face, which will launch for fall/winter 2012.
There's also a big demand for Shoto and Moma, whose handmade Italian boots are really great for both men and women, as are Dukes, a brand of vintage belts that will soon start selling out. As of this spring Campomaggi is new in our assortment and their bags are now also as good as sold out.
The most exciting denims of the moment come from PRPS, so it's really unfortunate that there won’t be a women’s collection for f/w 2012. With PRPS Goods& Co., the label has created a more commercial line with a strong statement.
We're especially proud of our selection of King Baby’s Californian silver jewelry for men and women. 

What is special about your store, compared to others?
First, it’s in the mix. We combine dresses for €69 with leather jackets for €1,100. Premium isn't all about price, it's about finding one’s own style and the perfect outfit. '
Second, it’s in the team. Our staff truly identifies with Bazar Royal and our brands. We have a great, relaxed atmosphere, we laugh a lot and have fun with our customers and they let us know that they feel comfortable. We don’t just sell, we serve as consultants and would not say something looks good if it doesn’t. That's why customers like us and like to come back.
Third, it’s in the store itself: The location, the light, the colors, our 18th century ceiling fresco, soft music, old furniture, fresh flowers, great scents, beautiful and happy employees … and our very popular couch! 

What do you like about Leipzig?
Oh, we love Leipzig! And the people who live here – they are nice, relaxed and open-minded. Leipzig, especially the historic downtown district, has developed sensationally during the past years and attracts more and more tourists and visitors all the time. 

Bazar Royal
Bazar Royal's shop window
How important is the interior of your store?
If a store is too loud or too silent, too cool or too rigid, I don’t like to stay there longer than needed. Customers who come in for the first time always take a spin around the store and then another and another. The longer the customer stays, the more likely we are to sell. We're happy if they stay and treat them with coffee, water or prosecco and keep newspapers and magazines on hand for the gentleman waiting for his lady. 

How is buying behavior changing? Towards classic or towards special products?
We bet on authentic brands because we know that is what our customers like. Also, we find it’s always good to be able to communicate a product story and special production processes. 

Do you operate through e-commerce?
Our web store has been online since 2008. We're planning to expand our assortment there. 

Do you have a certain store role model? Where do you find inspiration?
We never did and never will follow a certain pattern. For design and interior both at the store and online, we've implemented our very own original ideas. However, there are stores that we admire for their unique character, such as 14oz in Berlin, Kraftstoff Suisse in Rapperswil/Switzerland and Volls Menswear

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