New Sportscheck Store: Kattreppeln 20, Braunschweig
New Sportscheck Store: Kattreppeln 20, Braunschweig

26 Mar. 2012


Children's equipment on the main floor
Leading German multi-channel sports retailer Sportscheck has opened a new store in Braunschweig. Sport-lovers can expect cutting edge technology, professional advice and a wide range of sport equipment, clothing and shoes offered across two stories and 2,700 sqm. The main floor features children's equipment while the second floor houses items for outdoor-athletics. iPad-stations and a runners' laboratory - complete with special foot-scan-system and treadmill - improve the customer consulting service. "There's nowhere where shopping is easier, more comprehensive or more comfortable," declared Andreas Meyer, store manager.

Jürgen Habermann, member of the Sportscheck management board, added, "With this store, Sportscheck confirms its current position as a leading multi-channel sports retailer in Germany."

Ann-Kathrin Conzen

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