Replay presents new hiking boot
Replay presents new hiking boot

28 Feb. 2013

Replay launches new functional-fashion shoe

From February 2013 Replay hits stores with Hurricane, a new hiking boot characterised by a more fashion-minded image. This innovative shoe model is the result of the collaboration between Replay and Calzaturificio Diemme.

The latter, located in the province of Treviso, Italy, has been a leading producer of finely crafted authentic Italian footwear for more than 20 years. Replay and Calzaturificio Diemme have now combined their expertise to create a brand new look for the traditional hiking boot. Hurricane not only stands out as a ground-breaking product in its concept and appearance, but also in its features. It actually combines Diemme’s most advanced shoe technology with a special, hand-applied, alcohol-based wash treatment, designed and developed by Replay.

The boot is completely waterproof, and is made entirely in Italy from vegetable tanned leather; it is leather-lined and fitted with an original Vibram rubber sole and is hand-treated with carnauba wax. It will be in Replay stores worldwide from February 2013 and will retail at €220.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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On 18.04.2013 at 18:56 Finn wrote:

Replay London

I can't find this shoe in London replay stores. Will it be released in the UK?


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