Mascha Clothing, Ottenser Hauptstraße 32, Hamburg, Germany
Mascha Clothing, Ottenser Hauptstraße 32, Hamburg, Germany
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23 May. 2012


Inspired by the store concept of Titus Hamburg, Mascha Clothing started off nine years ago with sporty, chic styles and brands for young ladies, being the first of its kind in this part of Hamburg. Meanwhile, the store has grown and now also includes a men's section. Sportswear International talked with owner Heike van der Linden about her fashion business. Interview by Maria Hunstig.

What are your current bestsellers?
Our bestsellers are currently Carhartt, Scotch & Soda / Maison Scotch, Ucon, Skunkfunk, Edwin and Pepe Jeans. Shirts in combination with Edwin Jeans go very well for men. The Doublelayer/Longsleeves from Scotch & Soda are also in great demand. Otherwise, straight leg jeans combined with blouses from Sugarhill, tops from Ucon or basics from Carhartt are favored.

Heike van der Linden
Heike van der Linden
How important is the denim segment to your business?
Denim takes a relatively large part in our store. Customers look for jeans that fit well and are willing to spend more money on them.

Concerning denim: Which labels do you sell best? What colors/styles/fits are currently in demand?
Important labels are Edwin for men, Pepe for the ladies and Carhartt for both. We go for typical colors, mostly unwashed blue, slightly washed denim and bright denim. With cuts, all fits are running well and straight denims with no frills are in strong demand.

Do your customers search for special brands or pieces or do they buy more spontaneously?
There are customers who ask for certain jeans which they would like to buy again in another style, or a shirt which they would like to buy again in another color. However, most customers shop spontaneously.

Where do you buy your products? What inspires you? Where do you find out about trends?
We have look at the collections in the showrooms and buy directly from the labels. We are inspired by looks on the street, magazines and fairs.

"A lot of space, a bright, nice atmosphere with lots of wood."
"A lot of space, a bright, nice atmosphere with lots of wood."
What trends do you expect for 2013?
We're betting on a mix of clean, sporty and chic. Special cuts, for example - or materials.

How do you stay in contact with your regular customers?
We use e-mail to invite our regular customers to special sales. We're also on Facebook and have a blog on our homepage, where we post any updates.

What does your shop have that other stores don't?
A lot of space, a bright, nice atmosphere with lots of wood, a play corner for the kids and a fridge with complimentary drinks for our customers. 

What do you like about your store's location?
The district of Ottensen in Hamburg is very family-friendly and relaxed with many small cafes and shops. It's a very nice atmosphere. 

Does purchasing behaviour veer towards classic or special?
Classics are as important as special pieces. That depends on the customer. Sometimes they look for something classy, sometimes for something special. We try to offer a mix of both. 

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