Magnus Carlsen for G-Star
Magnus Carlsen for G-Star

12 Jul. 2010


The Dutch denim lifestyle brand G-Star has unveiled its latest campaign shot by photographer Anton Corbijn and featuring the unlikely pairing of Norwegian chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen, and previous brand ambassador Liv Tyler.

A grandmaster by the age of 13 and in 148 days, Carlsen was chosen for his uncompromising approach to the game that mirrors G-Star's own rigorous design process. Accordingly, Tyler embodies the modern G-Star woman's combination of toughness and controlled sensuality.

To support the new ad campaign, G-Star will travel to the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City on September 10, 2010 to host The RAW World Chess Challenge (RWCC). The challenge affords everyday consumers and chessmasters the opportunity to play with Carlsen, together at once and live on the Internet. Carlsen v. The World will bring together three chess grandmasters, including Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from France, Hikaru Nakamura from the United States, and Judit Polgár from Hungary, who will suggest a move each to the registered public. The public can then vote online for their move to be played against Carlsen. Renowned chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley, the world’s first African-American chess player to reach this status, will provide live commentary on the RAW World Chess Challenge, while chess icon Garry Kasparov will participate as the official ambassador of the tournament.

Tim Yap

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On 27.07.2010 at 17:06 Calvin Amari wrote:

brilliant move by G-Star

This is a brilliant move by G-Star. Rather than a mere model or some celebrity who is famous-for-being-famous, Magnus carries the utterly unique aura of his fantastic abilities and achievements. Chess may not be an arena that many people know in detail, but everybody knows enough to respect it. Ideas, terms and images from the game have long been presented in all media as proxies for intelligence, complexity, creative strategy and exacting performance under pressure. Compared to feeble chess imagery that we see so often in ads, those concepts are underscored so much more sharply by presenting the miraculously young world's best player.


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