Panos Sofianos, Tejidos Royo
Panos Sofianos, Tejidos Royo

29 Jun. 2012

Future of Fashion Summit: Participants

The wait is almost over! Sportswear International’s first Future of Fashion Summit is set to start in just a few days! Here we have gathered the most important information about some of our participants. Get excited for what they have to share about the future!

Panos Sofianos is creative director and product manager of Tejidos Royo, a Spanish fabric distributor that works for large denim labels and is classified as one of the top trendsetters of our times. Sofianos believes that “ecological awareness and trend consciousness do not cross each other out.” We are looking forward to his depiction of the Future of Green Fashion.

In 2009 Dutch creative entrepreneur Jason Denham started his own label “Denham” under the motto “the truth is in the details.” Denham’s commitment to progressive design and respect for traditional denim manufacturing have made him into one of the world’s leading denim designers.

Michael Paradise, The Stronghold
Michael Paradise, The Stronghold
Michael Paradise
owns and internationally wholesales The Stronghold boutique line. Stronghold and his partner re-established the brand in 2005 after it disappeared in the wake of World War II. Stronghold is still manufactured in the US and sticks to the quality and standards that have represented the brand since its start in 1895. The label stands for tradition and offers off-the-rack denim and made to measure trousers that come with lifetime alterations and repairs free of charge. Representative Michael Paradise will share his expertise and thoughts on the Future of Fashion Trends.

Damien van Zyll de Jong
is the founder of Native Shoes, which is produced in China and offers one-piece, injection-molded models that are made in EVA material slip-ons as well as hiking shoes. The idea of producing classic, casual silhouettes in the lightest and most comfortable materials that are additionally odor-resistant and vegan became a reality in 2009. The brand now has a collaboration with Marc Jacobs under its belt, business has tripled since its founding and over one million pairs of shoes have been sold since 2010.

Jon Koon, Private Stock Denim
Jon Koon, Private Stock Denim
Jon Koon
is one of Asia’s youngest and most successful designers and entrepreneurs. Getting his start in business at the age of 16, Koon now owns various enterprises including a licensing company that operates the licenses to 8732, Akademiks, Pro Keds and others. He also runs private label programs for retailers such as Walmart and Costco. In 2011 he founded his first personal lifestyle brand, Private Stock Denim, for which garments are collected from all over the world. The brand is composed of fused lifestyles from the eastern and western worlds and Koon’s perception of tomorrow’s fashion market. Years of experience are sure to make Koon’s predictions on the Future of Consumer Shopping an interesting listen.

Xavier Court
is co-founder and manager of communication and new business development at For durations of two to five days, the online shop offers its members online event sales on a special brand with price reductions of up to 70%. Vente Privee was founded in 2001 and by 2011 already had 1500 employees and a turnover of €1073 billion. With 1500 partner brands, 16 million members and 2.5 million unique visitors per day, is the world’s leader in online shopping clubs.

Stefan Puriss, Frontlineshop
Stefan Puriss, Frontlineshop
Stefan Puriss
is managing associate at Frontline GmbH and head of the commercial business division. Frontline is the leading German online store in the area of streetwear. Founded in 1986, the company has 70 employees and is headquartered in Hamburg with a turnover of €30 million per year.

Anna Katharina Hupperth

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