Frankie's Garage

08 Apr. 2010


German brand management and media company m4E (Made for Entertainment Group) has acquired the trademark license for the American bag maker Frankie’s Garage and says it also will launch a streetwear apparel collection. Together with its subsidiary, the Tex-ass textile distribution company which specializes in the licensing of textiles and accessories, m4E will develop a streetwear collection that will adopt popular design elements of Frankie’s Garage bags. The apparel collection will be available in shops by S/S 11. m4E will be responsible for marketing, whereas distribution will be managed by Tex-ass and the agencies R. Jakobi and O. Schmitz which also handle distribution for Frankie’s Garage bags in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition to apparel, m4E also wants to launch a shoe range under the label Frankie’s Garage, to be followed by accessories including glasses, watches and underwear. Frankie’s Garage was founded in New York in 1985 and became popular for its signature messenger bag. Today the label is available at 150 retailers in the German-speaking area.

—Susannah Carey

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On 07.03.2011 at 14:14 online editor wrote:


Hi Ippokratia, the best way would be to contact the German sales agency of Frankie's Garage, Mr. Oliver Schmitz of R. Jakobi and O. Schmitz in Rodgau (tel.: +49 (0) 6106/66093-0 or via mail: they can help you out:-)

On 06.03.2011 at 16:21 ippokratia wrote:


hi huw can i buy wholesale FRANKIE"S GARAGE ihave retail shops in greece thanks


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