Frank Dandy
Frank Dandy

21 May. 2010


Scandinavian underwear brand Frank Dandy Superwear, known for its unapologetically flashy patterns, energetic colors and innovative appliqués, has expanded its distribution to Australia and North America and launched a new website. “With the launch of we will deepen our relationship to fashion-conscious underwear consumers around the world and invite them to participate in our ongoing creative process,” said Chief Executive Susanna Berva of the site, which features a brand new “This is Frank Dandy!” campaign, user-generated articles, videos, blogs and social media channels. Most significantly, the website also allows international users to shop the full Frank Dandy product range now. Founded in 2003, Frank Dandy AB currently produces underwear, beachwear, leisurewear and knit accessories for both men and women.
Tim Yap

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On 05.09.2010 at 15:37 Kathy Hawkins wrote:

Frank Dandy Distributor for North America

Working with Frank Dandy to distribute these remarkable products in North America is the best thing we have ever done! Stores in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Tucson, Dallas, Atlanta, Provincetown, Chicago, Ft Lauderdale, New Orleans, Quebec, Palm Springs are having great success.


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