CBR Fashion Group presentation at Berlin fashion week
CBR Fashion Group presentation at Berlin fashion week

01 Aug. 2012


The CBR Fashion Group has relaunched its Street One and CECIL brands, and presented its new “FAVORS! by cbr” multi-brand concept.

“Under the Brand Days motto, ‘be part of a new beginning’, we have now successfully initiated CBR’s new start”, said CBR Fashion Group CEO Christoph Rosa. He continues, “Our new innovative, revolutionary store design is the basis for our pledge to once again be the reliable, high-performance, fashion-conscious partner people expect. In order to achieve this objective, we are keeping our focus firmly on the wishes of our customers. CBR is once again ‘product-led’. In Thomas Kromik for Street One and Thorsten Grönlund for CECIL, we have two Managing Directors with a wealth of product experience on board for the brands who will drive our new, decentralized approach.”

new look of Street One
new look of Street One
The new Street One store design is a model of high-quality design featuring light colored wood and blackened metal and large LCD monitor screens in the windows. The store design is from Italian architect Duccio Grassi, and its look and feel should create the right atmosphere for an emotionalized, enjoyable shopping experience.

The reinterpretation of the Cecil stores with the “Cecil Clamp” concept is ment to refer on the customers’ desire for simplicity and an emotional bond. The designers from Ligonova created the new store design, that also uses screens and iPads to create a greater emotional bond with the brand and assist customers, for instance in finding the right sizes.

new multibrand concept Favors! by cbr
new multibrand concept Favors! by cbr
The new Favors! by cbr (formerly CBR Companies)´multi-brand concept unites the best of the Street One and Cecil brands. Designer Dan Pearlman has combined urban materials with oxidized black crude steel and satin-finished Plexiglas with natural, warm wood. A notable light-dark contrast should underscore the image of the products and the colors of the collection. Additional, large tables present complete outfits or individual product features.
Melanie Gropler

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