Camel Active, Büsum - shoe floor
Camel Active, Büsum - shoe floor

02 Apr. 2012


The store
The store's check-out counter and denim wall.
Lifestyle brand Camel Active has revealed its new store concept “Roadside,” which debuted on March 15 at a newly opened shop in Büsum, Germany. The 101 sqm store is inspired by materials and motifs from across the world that match Camel Active’s iconic image of three friends travelling the globe, a campaign that the company has run for years.

The store's check-out counter has the metal look of an American trailer while a barrow brings in African flair from Malawi. With is corrugated roof and retro plastic seats, the shoe area takes inspiration from a Mumbai bus stop. The denim wall has a raw and provisory character and, finally, the changing room offers a surf-beach-feeling.

The 101 sqm store is the very first Camel Active store that follows the new "Roadside" look.
The 101 sqm store is the very first Camel Active store that follows the new "Roadside" look.
Mark Schäfer, Camel Active's Head of Retail, commented, “Materials with patina and structure are storytellers. Haptic is a big thing for us. The impressions one gets from far away shape our authentic shop fitting and window decorations. Today, the Camel Active store in Büsum showcases extensive motifs from our current Indonesia campaign. The travelling theme is our definite USP and we will continue to pursue it.”

Over the next three years, the company plans to acquire 300 floors that will be designed according to the Roadside look.

Mona Schmadl

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