Lifetime at Bright
Lifetime at Bright

09 Jul. 2012


At the 15th edition of skate and streetwear trade show Bright which took place from July 4 to 6 this year, several news and alterations provided topics of conversation in the tropically tempered hallways of the former Berlin Stasi headquarters. As announced last Monday and therefore two days before the start of the fair, Bright is going to change location and after taking place in the unique grounds in Berlin-Lichtenberg for five seasons, move to the more centrally located Alte Münze in Berlin’s Mitte district for the upcoming winter edition of Bright in January 2013.

According to Thomas Martini, this decision was well embraced by the exhibitors so far. The Bright organizer explained: “The relocation catches on great! We have always loved the extraordinary environment of the old Stasi headquarters, but now it’s time for a change and we are all very excited to do something new. The buyers who come to Berlin have a tough time schedule and coming all the way to Lichtenberg and visit Bright has sometimes been too much of a time effort for them. We hope that the new location in Mitte will enable an even higher number of visitors to stop by.” These positive expectations were greatly shared by the exhibitors. Their only mentioned concern was that the centrality of the new location might make finding a close hotel room and the whole process of unloading and dismantling more difficult in the future.

There was one other new development that occupied the trade show stakeholders this time. The usual time period of the show from Thursday to Saturday was shifted forward by one day – it was therefore for the first time held at exactly the same days as Bread & Butter and several other Berlin-based fashion fairs. In terms of visitor numbers, this change led to Wednesday being Bright’s least frequented day, as confirmed by several exhibitors.

Newly established: The online ordering platform Bright Marketplace
Newly established: The online ordering platform Bright Marketplace
Thomas Martini: “The time shift’s main intention was to make the show especially more attractive to international visitors who might only be in Berlin for a few days. We will be able to see if this plan worked out once we analyzed the exact visitor numbers and data. Of course many buyers traditionally have their fixed appointments on other fairs on the trade show Wednesday. But the largest and most important buyers of our segment like from Planet Sports and the like have nonetheless been present at Bright on the first day of the show.” With 12,000 attendants, visitor numbers were stable compared to Bright XIV in January 2012 but by 1/5 less than this time last year.

Apart from the more quiet start, exhibitors showed satisfied with their trade show results. “We received great feedback all around. And especially the end consumers were attracted by the professionals of our skate team, who were present at our booth this time”, reported Robin Lamm of Adidas Skateboarding. Also Vans was able to draw positive results. “We are showing our lifestyle collection at Bread & Butter and at the same time our skateboard line at Bright and people have finally understood and internalized this division. We recorded a constant number of visitors at our stall”, resumed Maria Gutmann, Sales Representative at Vans. Still in times of a difficult economic situation worldwide, it was tough to acquire new accounts. “During the fair, we have made the best business in the fixed ordering appointments we arranged beforehand”, explained a sales representative of Wemoto Clothing.

To say goodbye to the trade show season but also salute the new location, Bright held an evening event at Alte Münze on Friday, July 6. In January 2013, the new trade show destination shall provide space for no less exhibitors than the old venue. As Alte Münze’s building divides into two parts, the trade show organizers consider executing a segmentation of the exhibitors in more lifestyle- or purely skate-oriented brands. Moreover, several ideas about how to replace the outside and skate activities, which have always accompanied Bright in Berlin-Lichtenberg, are in the make. Martini: “We have already had meetings and talks with town representatives about possible grounds near Alte Münze which can be used for skate contests and the like. It has always been our philosophy to include our segment’s end consumers in the trade show and we are about to find great ways how to continue with that. The new location is much more prominent and therefore also makes it much more attractive for sponsors to take part in our event.”

But not only the organizers behind Bright are excited for the new location – so are exhibitors and visitors and so are we. Bye-bye Stasi headquarters, see you in Mitte next time!
Maria Hunstig

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