Arc'teryx shop at Globetrotter

15 Apr. 2011


Outdoor retailer Globetrotter has installed a 240sqm shop area exclusively dedicated to Canadian high-tech brand Arc´teryx in its new house in Munich. Arc’teryx is the only brand with an exclusive shop in the Globetrotter store with 6,500sqm. The retailer also ensures a prominent presentation of the Canadian brand with signage guiding the customer to the area on the first floor. Furthermore, a separate Arc’teryx window display already indicates the dominant presence of the brand inside.

The cooperation between the retailer and the brand is set for one year. The separate, slightly raised position of the sales area is dominated by a technical, clean store system providing the optimal visual surrounding for Arc’teryx’ high-tech outdoor clothing. Metallic logo signs point out the monobrand product line and an additional niche showcases single focus products. To create the perfect outdoor flair, Globetrotter installed the modern and scenic imagery by Arc’teryx photographer Brian Goldstone. However, the clients will be primarily inspired by the Arc’teryx collection itself: it is the biggest range of the brand presented in shops worldwide.
Arc'teryx shop at Globetrotter
Arc'teryx shop at Globetrotter

Regina Henkel

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